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We, ZAN RAY and TOM COLLINS, are committed to the acquisition, development, and successful sale of businesses that create value not only for business owners but also for our customers, team members, and the broader communities we serve.  At EMB, we prioritize acquisition, sustainable growth through partnerships and prosperity, making us your premier choice for a “WIN-WIN” sale of your business.

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Why Choose Elevating My Business?

Customized Business Solutions

We provide customized business solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. EMB will work with you to develop and implement strategies that will expedite your business sale to achieve your "FREEDOM NUMBER".

Efficient and Effective Processes

We understand the importance of time and resources in running a successful business. That's why we have developed efficient and effective processes that will help you achieve your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Expert Business Advisors

EMB will guide you throughout your business growth and sale. We will provide you with valuable insights and advice that will help you make informed decisions and achieve your business objectives.


About Elevating My Business

Our Mission

Helping You Create a Truly Valuable, Sellable Business (Without Compromising Your Values).

Are you ready to achieve your “FREEDOM NUMBER” and create an exciting exit plan that aligns with your ultimate vision?

At EMB, we are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs like you, to build businesses that are not only financially successful but also meaningful and fulfilling. We understand that your business is more than just a source of income; it’s an extension of your passion and vision for your future

Business Transformation: We guide you through the process of transforming your business into an even more valuable asset that can thrive even without your constant involvement.

• Soulful Success: We believe that success should never come at the cost of your values or well-being; discovering how to achieve your goals without compromising your integrity.


• FREEDOM NUMBER: Define your “FREEDOM NUMBER”–the financial milestone that allows you to live life on your terms. We can partner with you to strategize and work towards reaching that “FREEDOM NUMBER”!


• Exit Planning: Our experts will assist you in crafting an exit plan that not only maximizes the value of your business but also supports your long-term vision and goals.Ultimate Vision: Your business is your avenue to manifest your ultimate vision. Let us help you align your business goals with your personal aspirations.Join us on this exciting journey towards building an even more valuable, sellable business without compromising your values.

Solar Panels

Our Process



Sellers interested in partnering with Elevating My Business (EMB) submit their information and financials, requesting an initial seller’s discovery call. Only 8% of businesses that reach out to EMB get accepted for this call, which serves as a sign of potential. During the call, the EMB team assesses the seller’s goals and their ability to meet them, focusing on two key questions: What does the seller want, and can EMB deliver on those wants? This call is a crucial step in evaluating the potential for a partnership or acquisition.



Business Valuation is a critical assessment of a business’s worth, safeguarding all parties in an acquisition. EMB uses a formula involving EBIDTA or SDE multiplied by an industry-specific multiple for accuracy. Factors like market trends, competitors, assets, and intangible unique assets are also considered. EMB verifies data for valuation, and business owners can add supporting information. Only half of businesses that begin the discovery stage complete the valuation process.



Forwarding an Offer: After EMB assesses the business and determines a fair valuation, the final step is presenting the offer to the owner. This offer could be for acquisition, partnership, or a combination. Acceptance means a quick closing, often within weeks or even days, not months.

Our Services

We provide a range of services to help businesses elevate their operations and achieve their goals. Our services include business analysis, strategy development, process improvement, and more.


At Elevating My Business (EMB), we understand that business owners face a multitude of challenges that can hinder their growth and exit strategies. Our team possesses a unique talent for pinpointing these pain points and swiftly implementing effective solutions. It’s not just about identifying problems; it’s about having the expertise to fix them. This same level of quality and experience is what EMB brings to business owners. When you work with us, you’re not paying for just the solution; you’re investing in the wisdom gained through years of experience. While lessons can be learned freely, wisdom is earned. Our team has accumulated years of experience in growing, acquiring, and selling successful businesses. We possess the expertise needed to transform your business without the time and expense that often accompanies the “free” lessons learned through trial and error.


Exit planning is a critical process for business owners looking to comfortably exit their businesses. Our Elevating My Business (EMB) team specializes in guiding business owners through every step of the exit process. EMB understands that each business owner has unique needs and priorities. We work to strike a balance between the timing, financial requirements, and personal aspirations of every individual. Whether you’re dissatisfied with your business’s current valuation or not yet ready to sell, having an exit plan is essential for all busine ss owners. EMB goes beyond just helping you create exit plans; we provide the necessary support to turn these plans into reality. We focus on various aspects to enhance your business’s value: • Revenue and Profitability Growth: Profitability plays a significant role in determining your business’s worth. EMB assists business owners in identifying areas for improvement to boost profits, consequently increasing the overall value of the company. • Operational Efficiency: EMB has a proven track record of improving operational efficiency. For example, we increased the profitability of a 7-figure eCommerce store from 6.4% to an impressive 9.2% within a year. This was achieved through strategic changes, such as transitioning the store from numerous small vendors to one major supplier, resulting in reduced shipping costs and bulk order discounts. • Team Expansion: EMB understands that a well-structured team is essential for consistent workflow and cost stabilization. By expanding the team, we helped the eCommerce store achieve more predictable operating costs, labor costs, and advertising expenses. This enabled the business to have a clearer picture of the sales needed to turn a profit. In summary, Elevating My Business (EMB) is a valuable partner for business owners looking to exit their businesses successfully. We prioritize your unique needs and provide support to develop and implement a tailored exit plan.


Businesses thrive on the symbiotic relationship between marketing and management. Marketing serves as the alluring beacon that draws customers in, while astute management serves as the guiding force steering employees towards delivering exceptional value to those customers. The foundation of these endeavors lies in the realm of data analysis. Enter the Elevating My Business team, armed with an analytical mindset and an arsenal of solutions. We begin by meticulously dissecting the problem, delving into extensive keyword research to unearth the hidden gems among existing advertisements. With this newfound empirical evidence in hand, a carefully curated marketing campaign emerges, one that zeroed in on the motivations driving customers to shop. The result? An unprecedented milestone in a company’s history — the attainment of profitability. This monumental achievement serves as a testament to the power of effective systems, illustrating that without the right infrastructure and data-driven insights, such a remarkable accomplishment would remain an elusive dream.


At Elevating My Business (EMB), our dedicated team is driven by a profound commitment to fostering fair (win-win) scenarios, benefitting both business sellers and EMB alike. With a wealth of experience in the field, the EMB team possesses a unique perspective, having served as both business sellers and buyers. This dual vantage point allows us to approach every transaction with a comprehensive understanding of the aspi rations and concerns of each party involved, enabling us to craft deals and arrangements that deliver maximum advantages for all involved in the acquisition experience. Our acquisition process at EMB unfolds swiftly and efficiently, encompassing three distinct stages. Unlike protracted timelines that extend for months, our closings are designed to be completed within days or weeks. We collaborate closely with business owners to ascertain a fair and equitable valuation for their enterprises, while also devising a tailored exit strategy that aligns with their specific requirements. Drawing upon our extensive experience, the EMB team has successfully acquired businesses across various sectors and industries over the years, ensuring a well-rounded approach to the acquisition process.


Valuation in the business world often hinges on the careful consideration of various factors. Typically, it involves multiplying metrics like EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) or SDE (Seller’s Discretionary Earnings) by industry - specific multiples. These metrics provide a stable foundation for valuation since they are derived from historical financial data, which tends to change gradually. However, businesses can significantly enhance their valuation by strategically expanding their operations. For instance, let’s take the example of a skincare spa. Initially, it may fall under a single industry - specific multiple for valuation purposes. But when this same skincare spa diversifies by venturing into online skincare product sales, additional factors come into play. The eCommerce component can introduce a multiple factor of 2X or more, effectively increasing the valuation. Furthermore, if the spa’s online store introduces a subscription service, another element comes into play. The recurring revenue generated by subscriptions can introduce a multiple factor of 5X or more, which substantially boosts the overall valuation. This demonstrates how businesses can strategically enhance their worth by exploring various avenues for growth and diversification, thus increasing their attractiveness to potential investors or buyers.


Expand your knowledge toolkit by reading our expert insights and advice on business management and strategy.

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