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“Surviving – Surviving to Thriving – Moving Forward”

SURVIVING: To carry on despite hardships or trauma; persevere.


In this uncertain time, we all find ourselves in a situation we could never imagined would happen to our world not to mention to US!

We all find ourselves doing things we must do to survive.

, like closing the doors to our businesses, not even being able to go to our client’s home to cut/color their hair, not going out for dinner or meeting our friends for a drink! We are using all social media and Zoom to stay connected to our clients and friends. We are NOT earning any revenue from our businesses. We are applying for all sorts of assistance we can. Some will run out of money before the assistance arrives and be forced to find another way to survive? We are doing whatever it takes. We are stressed and stretched .. persevering!!



THRIVING: To be successful or make steady progress ; prosper.

We are staying home and only going out, wearing our face masks, for the grocery store runs and pharmacy, staying 6 feet away from the next person and not talking, coughing or sneezing!!

We are constantly washing our hands like we have always done at work. Of course, our trades requires to us to be trained on how to sanitize everything in our workspaces to keep ourselves and our client safe from disease.

We are being innovative , creating new ways to offer our clients the options to help support us through this uncertain time. We are creating new thought processes and staying connected in even more ways than we have ever done before! We are calling on others for support and direction!! We are standing strong and we will prosper!!

We are reminding each other that “THIS TOO SHALL PASS!! Stay in faith!  WE ARE THRIVING!

MOVING FORWARD: With unknown certainty and yet doing it any way, one step at a time we all move forward hand in hand as part of an ever-increasing wave! ZR

Right now, as we move forward to open the doors to our businesses, is a wonderful time to create from this unknown place! Things that we thought were normal, will not be again , no matter how we try, we will create a NEW NORMAL from this unknown place! Our Beauty Industry was changing before, now more than ever we can be the innovators for these new changes!

We do know, truthfully that we can’t do business as usual and grow and thrive as before.


is the key word and action moving forward!!

We have the best opportunity to change what we might have been fearful of changing before this COVID-19 pandemic came to awaken us.  Research shows, most people focus on their past, and not on the future. By living in the past through daily routine existence they are robbing their present moment of the energy they could be using to create an amazing future. The people we are coaching are being innovative in their thoughts and brainstorming for this lifetime opportunity to move their business forward even more in a new way! It’s an exciting time to create our future by using our imagination and daydreaming to unfold this more desirable future! We can all design our future the way we want it to be!


 “Time is your most precious resource; make every minute count.” – Brian Tracy

 “Life changes every moment – Make every moment count to move forward!” – Tom Collins

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